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Security Barriers

Security Barriers

Welcome To Cenpart - The Number One Name For Security Barriers

The team here at Cenpart are proud of our status as a leader in the field of security barriers. We've been known as the Armco crash barrier specialists ever since we were formed in 2000. Our level of expertise and outstanding reputation makes us really stand out from other providers in our industry.

We provide a one-stop solution for all requirements you have related to barriers. From the barrier through to parts, installations and accessories we can deliver exactly what you need . This is generally in a rapid time frame and always at a competitive price too.

Highlights of our products and services include:

Whether your requirement is for stock equipment or a made to measure, site specific solution, we are the team to deliver it. Our flawless work throughout the country means that we can point to an unrivalled, proven track record of success in delivering barriers.

One of the most important requirements people in the UK have for security barriers is that they must meet the highest standard of quality possible. We've always been proud to produce products which meet this requirement. Our work is carried out in strict accordance to the British Standard recommendations and guidelines for barriers in and surrounding buildings, such as BS 6399 (Pt 1) and BS 6180:2011. We have also proudly held ISO 9001 certification since our inception in 2000.

Our adherence to British Standards is in place across everything we do. As a default all mild steel products we provide are hot dip galvanised in accordance with BS EN 1461. In respect of stainless steel products, we use Grade 316 for external applications and Grade 304 for internal use. We're also able to provide both in either a polished or brushed finish.

We are committed to ensuring that Cenpart remains one of the leading and most trusted names for security barriers in the UK. The only way we can achieve this is through ensuring that we always provide you with the very best parts, equipment, installations and advice.

No matter what your requirement is for barriers we are able to help you. Please get in touch with us today, either through our website or on 0121 520 9400.